As a certified Intuitive Life Coach, it is my intent to establish a co-creative relationship that will help you to embrace your own intuition so you can begin to manifest your goals while shedding the masks that hide your inner light, your uniqueness, and your worth.  Our sessions are always guided by God and will allow you to reclaim your infinite self as no other can fill this seat.   Through these sessions, we will map out your vision for the life you are now ready to lead. This will be done through vision mapping, conscious dreaming, energetic healing, and intuitive insight.   View my                    page to learn more.

Are you standing at the cliff of a new opportunity but afraid to make that leap of faith?

Do you find that you are constantly in survival mode instead of living your passion?

Do you feel a lack of connection to your higher source?

​Pamella Jackson

Live Your dreams!

Are you stuck in a job or relationship  that's no longer serving you?